What does Applied Materials do in Austin?

What does Applied Materials do in Austin? We are the leader in materials engineering solutions used to produce virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world.

Is Applied Materials a good company? Applied Materials is rated 4.3 out of 5, based on 193 reviews by employees on AmbitionBox. Applied Materials is known for Job Security which is rated at the top and given a rating of 4.3. However, Career growth is rated the lowest at 4.0 and can be improved.

What does Applied Materials make? Applied Materials, Inc. is an American corporation that supplies equipment, services and software for the manufacture of semiconductor (integrated circuit) chips for electronics, flat panel displays for computers, smartphones, televisions, and solar products.

Where is Applied Materials headquartered? 

Santa Clara, CA
Applied Materials / Headquarters

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Who are Amats competitors?

The main competitors of Applied Materials include Lam Research (LRCX), KLA (KLAC), Entegris (ENTG), MKS Instruments (MKSI), Amkor Technology (AMKR), CMC Materials (CCMP), Onto Innovation (ONTO), Advanced Energy Industries (AEIS), FormFactor (FORM), and Axcelis Technologies (ACLS).

How many locations does Applied Materials have?

Applied Materials Locations

Applied Materials is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA and has 16 offices located throughout the US.

Where are Applied Materials factories located?

Applied Materials has locations worldwide. It has two Austin, Texas facilities. The qualified business site where all the manufacturing is done is located at 9700 East Highway 290, Austin, Texas.

Is Applied Materials a Fortune 500 company?

Was this company a 2011 top stock? Figures are for fiscal year ended Oct. 31, 2011.

Our annual ranking of America’s largest corporations.

Rank # of Fortune 500 Companies
Texas 52
New York 50

1 more row

Who is the CEO of Applied Materials?

Gary E. Dickerson (Sep 1, 2013–)
Applied Materials / CEO

Gary E. Dickerson is a business leader in the semiconductor industry.
His first positions in the industry was with General Motors’ Delco Electronics Division and AT&T Technologies, working in manufacturing and engineering management.


Who founded Applied Materials?

Description. Michael McNeilly is a Silicon Valley pioneer with more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. His career began at 25 when he co-founded Apogee Chemicals Inc. to provide the semiconductor industry with new UHP chemicals and chemical delivery systems. At 28, McNeilly founded Applied Materials Inc.

Who are the customers of Applied Materials?

Applied Materials’ customers include Samsung Electronics Co., Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Intel Corp., making its projections a window into the spending plans and confidence levels of some of the biggest companies in technology.

What applied material first product?

In October 1993, the company announced its first product, the AKT 1600 PECVD, for chemical vapor deposition of thin films employed in manufacturing Thin Film Transistor structures in FPDs.

What does Amat stand for?

AMAT. Anti-Malignant Antibody Test (cancer)

When was Applied Materials founded?

Applied Materials / Founded

What do you mean by semiconductor?

A semiconductor is a substance that has specific electrical properties that enable it to serve as a foundation for computers and other electronic devices. It is typically a solid chemical element or compound that conducts electricity under certain conditions but not others.

Who owns Lam Research?

The company’s largest shareholder is The Vanguard Group, Inc., with ownership of 8.1%. Meanwhile, the second and third largest shareholders, hold 7.9% and 5.3%, of the shares outstanding, respectively.

Who is the current country president of Applied Materials India?

“We expect this investment to support future product development and R&D, as well as benefit the development of the local supply chain,” said Srinivas Satya, country president and Managing Director, Applied Materials India at Semicon India 2022 in Bengaluru on April 29.

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