Is there a cheaper alternative to uhaul?

Is there a cheaper alternative to uhaul? We researched truck rental companies to find your cheapest options, and we identified the three best cheap truck rental companies: Penske Truck Rental. Budget Truck Rental. U-Haul.

How much do hauls cost? 

U-Haul rental rates: Local move
Truck Size Base Price Estimated Fuel Costs
10-foot $19.95 $37.28 (based on 12 mpg)
15-foot $29.95 $44.74 (based on 10 mpg)
20-foot $39.95 $44.74 (based on 10 mpg)
26-foot $39.95 $44.74 (based on 10 mpg)

Where is the cheapest place to rent a truck? 

5 Cheapest Moving Truck Rental Companies
  • U-Haul.
  • Enterprise.
  • Penske.
  • Home Depot.
  • Budget.

Do 10 ft Uhauls have 3 seats? How many seats does a 10 ft U-Haul truck have? Unlike other U-Haul trucks with three seats, the 10-foot U-Haul moving truck and the Cargo van can only seat two passengers.

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Will a couch fit in a 10-foot U-Haul?

Space. Ten feet may not sound like a long enough truck to fit basically your whole life into, but you can fit much more than you think. If you have larger items to move such as couches, mattresses or desks along with your many boxes, there is plenty of room to do so.

What will fit in a 10-foot U-Haul?

The 10ft truck is our smallest box truck rental available for long distance One-Way moves and local In-Town moves. The 10ft moving truck can easily fit a king sized bed, frame, loveseat, two end tables, and a four piece dining room table with spare room for boxes filled with household items.

How many seats are in a 10 U-Haul truck?

While most U-Haul moving trucks can seat up to three passengers, not all of them will. According to U-Haul, the company’s 10 ft. moving truck and cargo van are equipped with only two seats for passengers.

Do U-Haul trucks have 3 seats?

How many people can ride in a U-Haul truck? Our larger truck sizes will seat three passengers. This includes our pickup truck, 15′, 17′, 20′ and 26′ trucks. U-Haul 10’box trucks and cargo vans have a driver and passenger seat.

Do U-Haul trucks have bench seats?

*Trucks showing seats for 2 are bucket seats. Trucks showing 3 are bench seats.

Do Penske trucks have 3 seats?

How many seats are there in a Penske truck? The Penske van, 12′ and 16′ trucks seat two, and the 22′ and 26′ can seat three.

Why is U-Haul so much cheaper than Penske?

Penske offers higher quality vehicles because the company changes its low-emission trucks more often than U-Haul changes its own. This makes U-Haul a cheaper moving truck rental option.

Is Penske cheaper than budget?

Overall, Penske has middle-of-the-road pricing. Its local and 500-mile move costs were slightly more expensive than U-Haul but cheaper than Budget Truck. Its long-distance truck rental was the most expensive of the three, but a reliable truck is essential for a long-distance move.

What can fit in a 16 foot moving truck?

The 16 ft. Medium Truck can carry up to 3,500 pounds, including 250 medium boxes or one to 10 medium furniture items.

16 ft. Medium Truck

  • Seating for two.
  • Cubic Feet: 830.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 12,000 – 12,500 lbs.
  • Payload Weight: 5,524 lbs.
  • Clearance: 11′
  • Interior Length: 16′
  • Interior Width: 6’3.
  • Interior Height: 6’7.

What size truck do I need to move a 3 bedroom house?

A three-bedroom house would mean moving five to seven rooms’ worth of furniture and boxes, so you’ll probably need to rent a 22- or 26-foot truck. A 22-foot truck can fit about three to five rooms of a house, so you will have to make multiple trips to bring all your belongings over from your old home to your new home.

How do I know what size moving truck I need?

A general rule of thumb for sizing a moving truck is approximately three cubic feet of space allotted per room. Using this estimate, a 24-cubic-foot truck rental should be capable of handling eight rooms worth of items.

How much weight can a 16ft box truck carry?

Is a 16 foot moving truck big enough? The 16 ft. truck can carry up to 4,300 lbs. This could include about 250 medium boxes, 16 pallets or more.

How much can a 26ft box truck carry?

Compare Similar Vehicles
26′ Box Truck 15′ Parcel Van
Payload Up to 10,000 lbs Up to 5,000 lbs
GVWR 25,999 lbs 12,500 lbs
Cargo Capacity* 1,800 ft³ 800 ft³
Diesel Engine Yes No

How much weight can a 18 ft box truck carry?

Most 18 ft. box trucks can carry between 4,500 to 6,500 pounds. To know exactly how much weight your box truck can carry, you should look at its manufacturer’s sticker to find its GVWR and its curb weight.

How much weight can a 14 ft box truck carry?

Payload: 6,190 lbs.

What happens if my moving truck is overweight?

In most cases driving an overweight vehicle is a misdemeanor in California law. Misdemeanor ( summary ) probation up (6) months in county jail; and/or a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000). The exception is if the amount of excess weight is less than four thousand five hundred one pounds (4,501).

What is the heaviest you can haul without a CDL?

One element in federal CDL operator requirements is a vehicle’s GVWR. The federal requirement specifies that, when a vehicle has a GVWR of 26,000 pounds or less, the operator does not need a CDL license.

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