Is Texas French Bread going to reopen?

Is Texas French Bread going to reopen? Texas French Bread announced on Tuesday that it has recently leased commissary space in northeast Austin and it is in the process of setting up a commercial kitchen and bakery. Texas French Bread said in the coming weeks it will relaunch its wholesale bakery operations.

What happened to Texas French Bread Austin? Texas French Bread, a historic West Campus staple, was destroyed after an unspecified mechanical failure caused a fire to break out at the bakery late Monday. No one was injured in the fire, and Austin fire officials said damages to the building and its contents totaled an estimated $1.6 million.

Who owned Texas French Bread? Murph Willcott – Owner – Texas French Bread | LinkedIn.

How old was Texas French Bread? The Texas French Bread bakery opened in 1981, the owners bought and moved to its iconic location near UT in the early 1990’s, according to city records. “Texas French Bread was a wildly popular business here all through the ’90s.

Is Texas French Bread going to reopen? – Additional Questions

Who owns Texas French Bread Austin?

Texas French Bread had previously rented this space but lost access to it in 2021. Owner Murph Willcott said in an email announcement that the team will spend the summer cleaning up the space and he hopes to open the food truck and outdoor dining area in the fall.

Where was the Rome Inn in Austin?

Located in Austin, Texas, Rome Inn started as an Italian restaurant in the sixties. It became a music venue from 1975 to 1980 run by manager C-Boy Parks who made it Austin’s hottest blues spot of the time. It was located at the corner of 29th and Rio Grande. The building now houses Texas French Bread.

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